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Headteacher Blog

Exam week and beyond

Posted on: 12 Nov 2015 by Weston Green School

Exam week has come and gone in a flash. A little like a musician performing a piece of music, what we hope to see is not so much the result of particular practice over the previous week(although that helps) but much more a representation of months and years of development. This is the aspiration – that each performance is the best so far; one of the aims of the process we ask the children to go through is to ensure that, as they enter the top of the school, this is increasingly true of their exam. Of course, what we ask them to deliver is increasingly complex  – and this is part of the challenge until we reach that point at 11+ (for our children here) when the bar is set and preparation for that exam can be refined.

It is therefore important to appreciate that the process itself has its own relevance and that practice does, in the end, deliver high quality performance, if not perfection.

The results themselves are also significant and should not be taken as pure ‘numbers’; the purpose of the forthcoming parents’ evening is to give these marks context and to compare these to what we are seeing in class day-by-day. In this way, we hope to communicate to you what the children are achieving with teacher support as well as with less obvious guidance and to explain the strategies for each as we move into December and beyond.

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