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Inspiring individuality and lifetime passions

Posted on: 09 May 2018 by Weston Green School

Art, cricket, gymnastics, chess, Hama beads, football, cookery, athletics, recorder, helping in Reception, calligraphy, storytelling, outdoor games, theatre design, craft, coding and digital art, dance and fitness, choir, gardening, orchestra, melody makers, papier mâché art - these are the activities on offer either during or after school, and that’s just this term! We could add other activities from across the year - ukulele group, strings, steel drums, African drums, Italian, comic strips, book club...

It is an impressively broad activity programme and a reflection of the busy, varied life at Weston Green, where there is always something special happening.

Why do we offer such a rich activity programme?

We believe that this is one of the avenues through which the children can express their true selves and grow as learners. We want to nurture their talent and interest through inspiring activity sessions, so that their individuality can truly blossom. As these activities are often mixed aged, it helps develop their collaborative skills (the bee), opens up fresh opportunities for risk-taking (the squirrel), feeds their creativity (the spider) and, in doing so, builds confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

It is always a delight to wander round on a Thursday afternoon between 2.15 and 3.00pm and see groups of all ages engaging in an activity which the children themselves have chosen - there is a ‘buzz’, an energy, a tangible sense of having fun whilst learning - and often learning something new.

Through this we hope to inspire a lifetime passion and build characters for the now and for the future.

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