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☰ Is it what or how we learn that’s important?

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Is it what or how we learn that’s important?

Posted on: 30 Nov 2018 by Weston Green School

As a Headteacher it is always an immense privilege to visit classrooms and immerse myself in whatever learning I may find and to witness the joy, engagement and motivation children show during the imaginative and interactive lessons teachers deliver. It is astounding how much learning is packed into a small time frame; there may be a focus for a lesson, but within that teachers will make links to other aspects of learning.

I have spent considerable time in lessons across the school this week experiencing such variety as the use of metaphors in poetry, the difference between past and present tense, how and why we recycle or problem-solving using trigonometry, but in every lesson, pupils were learning well beyond this focus. They were asked to bring their knowledge of rocks into an inventive story writing session, to sort and classify objects about recycling, but they were also asked to utilise specific learning skills. Our Learner Profiles are a core part of all learning at Weston Green and the learning skills they represent are crucial to becoming an effective learner. Our profiles are represented by an animal; be it the independence of a badger, the collaborative teamwork of bees, the creativity of a spider, having a go and taking risks like a squirrel or thinking more deeply like an owl. 

These broader skills for learning pay dividends in such areas as the pupils' approach to forming relationships through teamwork and sharing, working together, boosting their confidence when encouraged to have a go and then succeeding, or learning how to be more creative in their thinking to solve challenging tasks, when at first they may seem impossible. Through life our children will be faced with such scenarios that will require them to utilise these crucial skills. We do not yet know the types of employment our children may take up in adulthood - some of these may not even exist yet - although we do know that having a toolkit of skills such as these will provide confidence and flexibility for our children to adapt to whatever the future may hold. 

You can visit our Learner Profiles page if you would like to find out more or watch our videos of the Learner Profiles in action. 

Mrs. Evans

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