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☰ Lessons learnt as we return to school.

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Headteacher Blog

Lessons learnt as we return to school.

Posted on: 19 Jun 2020 by Weston Green School

It has been a wonderful 3 weeks as we have gradually welcomed our children back into school. To hear the rooms and corridors buzz with excitement, energy, friendship and learning has brought home the value and importance that school plays in our children’s lives, even more so now. The children seem to sense that too.  They are enjoying being back, it is good for their well being and their sense of purpose. 

What has been even more pleasing has been to witness the skills they have all developed through their time learning at home.  Throughout remote learning our priority was to ensure continued education and pastoral support for all pupils. Through the success of the provision we have offered, without exception, from Kindergarten to Year 6, the children have all shown us their new enhanced skills of adaptability, resilience and independence, all alongside the development of their knowledge, competence and breadth of skills! It is impressive to see how focussed they have become in organising and completing learning on their own.

There is no doubt that it has been a period of learning for us all. This week in classrooms I have witnessed our teachers facilitating lessons with their ‘pods’ of children, children accessing and working online, submitting and sharing their work online with competence, whilst the teacher is also delivering live lessons through a ‘google meet’ to a group of children elsewhere in the building. This calm, purposeful, multifaceted learning has been impressive to see from both the children and our teachers. Despite the focus we had already placed on the use of chromebook technology prior to the pandemic, this huge uplift in confidence and ability is incredible.

Beyond this, the practical steps we have taken to enable our site to operate safely have also impacted on our children. Simple changes such as staggered drop off and pick up and children entering straight into the classrooms in the morning, have both promoted a very calm and purposeful start to the day. Teachers have commented that children are more focused and ready to learn at the right times due to the regular but shorter ‘brain breaks’ and sports times throughout the day.  Such positive small innovations that have impacted on our children’s learning and well being must be considered for keeping!

Our primary aim, as educators, is to help prepare our children for an ever changing world, one full of innovation, opportunity and challenge but one where the ability to adapt, stay resilient and focussed will be paramount.  As a team we are already reflecting on the lessons we can take forward from this. How can we continue to utilise the incredible opportunities provided by technology in learning, in the ways we operate as a staff team and the ways in which we communicate and include you in your child’s learning and school community. This ability to provide a virtual education through fully integrated technology is reshaping our perception of what education can look like. Our approach to teaching and learning will undoubtedly evolve positively  as a result of the lessons learnt over the past 3 months. 

We cannot predict the future, and we hope that the global route to recovery socially, medically and economically continues. The coming weeks will continue to remain a challenge, but we are sure that, by working together with the school community, the children will benefit and enjoy the myriad of learning experiences and opportunities on offer. With our enhanced knowledge and confidence we will continue to plan forward, adjust and evolve as we look towards the academic year ahead.

Sarah Evans


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