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Mrs Colliver’s Guest Blog: Digital Literacy

Posted on: 27 Feb 2020 by Weston Green School

One of our main school priorities at Weston Green is Curriculum Innovation and we are lucky to have such a passionate and creative staff, who are committed to bringing the best of education to our pupils. A key focus within developing the curriculum is to place an emphasis on digital literacy. But what does this mean and why is it so important?

One definition of digital literacy is ‘the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.’ The world for our pupils today is dynamic, engaging, fast, media rich and electronic. We increasingly communicate and access information through a variety of digital environments and the requirement to have a good level of digital competency will only increase over time, particularly as cultures, language and different modes of communication overlap and intersect. We therefore have a responsibility to our students at Weston Green to ensure that they are digitally literate and comfortable using a range of different platforms.

The addition of Chromebooks across the school has had a huge impact on the children’s digital skills. Our recent ESafety assembly proved just how quickly the children have progressed and how confident they now are accessing a variety of websites and sharing information with each other, whilst also understanding the importance of responsible use. The recent introduction of casting (displaying the content from a device onto a bigger screen) has brought an extra level of excitement to the children’s learning and has facilitated the ability to collaborate and edit work with a wider audience.

The Chromebooks are used extensively throughout the school in an increasing number of lessons. As an example, the year 2 classes have been using Google Classroom to extract information from select material about Chinese New Year. They have then used a collaborative tool to present their findings. In year 5 the Chromebooks were used to take videos of presentations of ______________________. The year 3 computing projects are underway at the moment, where they are to create the next new book sensation based around the text ‘Flotsam’. The children have mapped out their thoughts using an online planning format and will now use Adobe Spark to present their ideas to a panel.

Technology is increasingly being used to enhance lessons and take the children’s learning outside of the classroom at the touch of a button. In a nano second we could be exploring the Eiffel Tower or mapping the route that Captain Robert Falcon Scott took on his expedition to Antarctica. The excitement that comes with this freedom is incredible and it will only increase as the children’s knowledge and confidence improves.

We are very excited about the developments to come and look forward to sharing more achievements throughout the year.

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