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Headteacher Blog

The Magic of Music

Posted on: 17 Oct 2018 by Weston Green School

Last week I had the privilege to sit amongst all our children in Years 3 to 5 as we experienced the Primary Proms being performed at the Royal Albert Hall. As we sat in that most beautiful and awe-inspiring of concert venues we were treated to a vast array of different musical genres, all performed by children who are still at school themselves, as part of their school orchestras and bands. An infectious steel band was followed by an octet of classical performers from the Royal School of Music. From an uplifting contemporary school choir to an energetic and powerful boys' brass band (from Hampton School as it happens), the music caught our imagination and touched our emotions. As the children were enthralled, I took the time to watch them and see the impact this beautiful event was having. It was wonderful to see children’s faces light up when they heard the rich and diverse range of instruments before them; many couldn't help but dance and move in their seats spontaneously as an infectious beat started up, or sing along to songs they knew. Music has that universal power to touch and move people and the children showed us that!

Giving every child the opportunity to enrich their lives through the broad specialist curriculum at Weston Green, is something we are very proud of. By ensuring our pupils have opportunities to learn through such specialist teaching in art, music, languages, sport, humanities, drama and dance, we enable them to discover new things, nurture a talent, develop an interest and broaden their horizons. Even more importantly than that, we support each child’s self-expression, build self-esteem and grow their confidence which serves them so well in the rest of their learning, within and beyond school.

They say that “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, and we all very much felt inspired by our visit to the Primary Proms. It underlined how important these areas are in our children’s learning and development, and why we will continue to prioritise them for all pupils at Weston Green.

Mrs. Evans

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