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KS2 Back to School

Posted on: 11 Mar 2021 by Weston Green School

KS2 Back to School

There was a buzz in the air on Monday morning! As the children arrived and gathered outside the classroom, we were greeted with big smiles and frantic waves. The minute they walked through the classroom door the comforting and familiar hum of conversation began. The children were so excited to see each other - their eyes were almost popping out of their heads! After the shock of being told that there was no teaching for the first lesson, the children settled down to catch up with each other and share their experiences. The first task was to showcase last Friday’s task of reflecting on the online period - the children busily trimmed their work and mounted it onto sugar paper and helped create a display in the classroom. Then we listened to uplifting celebratory music and even had a line of the Congo! We did it! We were all back together again - our little family!

The first day back to school this week began with an hour of catch up time! I was happy to be back at school because I could talk to my friends and my teachers could teach me in person not online. I thoroughly enjoyed the school day because the lessons were fun and exciting. - Eva

The first week back was amazing! I was nervous the night before but when I came into the classroom I was bursting with excitement inside. After school, I told my mum I just want the evening to be over so I could go back to school. - Charlotte

My first day back was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed doing all of the lessons not on a screen. I was happy to be back at school because I saw all my friends and all the teachers.- Evie

It has been fun coming back to school, doing more things manually And being able to see friends every day. As well it makes playing with my sister more special.  I like being able to do my lessons properly with other people because it is more entertaining for me. I am happy that after school clubs are back on because now, I can do more of what I want with my friends and not be bored in my free time. - Newt

My first day back was a success! I thoroughly enjoyed playtime because I got to hang out with teachers to tell them about my experience in lockdown. I was happy to be back at school because I got some more support and I love Weston Green School! - Olivia

Year 3 have had a fantastic first week back to school! They have shown creativity, resilience and teamwork in all they have done, particularly during the ‘Marshmallow Spaghetti Challenge’ to see which team could build the tallest tower. We also enjoyed making the most of the sunshine by taking our maths lessons outside!

Year 4 are so excited to be back at school and they have loved writing and presenting their own ‘Just So’ stories in English! Can you guess who’s who in our Masked Writer Challenge?

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