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KS2 Workshops Celebrate 450 Years of Shakespeare

Posted on: 08 Apr 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 6, Year 5

KS2 Workshops Celebrate 450 Years of Shakespeare

During recent weeks, Key Stage 2 pupils have been joining in the national celebrations to mark the 450th anniversary of the birthday of the world’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare. During English lessons they have been focusing on the life and works of Shakespeare and on Monday 31 March they were lucky enough to experience a two-hour quality workshop on Macbeth, led by a member of The Young Shakespeare Company.

The very talented storyteller enabled the children to become actively involved in the play through a carefully structured range of drama and language activities. They were encouraged to explore the motives, thoughts and feelings of the characters, improvising, for example, how Lady Macbeth might try to persuade her husband to carry out the assassination of the King. Volunteers from among the children were chosen to become individual characters in the story and all had the opportunity to speak and enjoy Shakespeare’s words in short, accessible sections.

This was an inspirational introduction to Shakespeare, with the right mix of participation and explanation. The strong interactive element of the workshop meant the children were fully involved in quality learning throughout.

Weston Green looks forward to an action packed performance from a cast of actors from the Young Shakespeare Company when they come to perform Hamlet on our stage next spring!

Read our pupils’ reviews of The Macbeth Workshop:

Key Stage 2 pupils participated in a workshop about one of Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth. A lady named Haf who is a member of The Young Shakespeare Company conducted the workshop.
We went through the play, scene by scene. Pupils were chosen to play the roles of individual characters. I was chosen to play Macbeth’s friend, Banquo. I also had to improvise being a fictitious guest at a banquet. I chose to call myself, Duke Adam of Germany.

It was fascinating to learn about one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays in such an interactive and entertaining way.
By Adam T (Year 4)

I really enjoyed the Macbeth story that we acted out in our Shakespearean workshop. It was so much fun. I was not chosen to act a character but I answered a lot of questions. Haf, the member of the Young Shakespeare Company, was very good at acting as the three witches and she made the scenes really come to life. I understood the story very well when we acted it out. My favourite part was the battle when Macduff killed Macbeth. The play is all about Macbeth’s hunger for power and he was prepared to kill anyone who got in his way. The three witches play a big role as they seem to control the characters and they predict all the events which happen. The play is set in Scotland. I am really looking forward to the visit of The Young Shakespeare actors when they come to perform Hamlet for us next year.
By Callum J (Year 4)

I really enjoyed the workshop, especially when Haf acted out the roles of the three witches and when we all had to improvise the final battle on the hillside!
By Zoe (Year 5)

I loved acting out the different parts which made the workshop more interesting, especially when we chanted the famous rhymes of the witches such as:
“Eye of newt and toe of frog
Wool of bat and tongue of dog”
We all had to imagine we were throwing disgusting things into the witches’ cauldron!
By Sienna (Year 5)

I was really keen to tell my parents about the workshop when I got home. I enjoyed it so much because the actor explained the play so I could understand it and I loved the fact that there was sword fighting and bloodshed! I hope the Young Shakespeare Company come again with another play.
By Monty (Year 4)

My favourite part was when Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had to act out the banquet scene and we called each other, Lords, Ladies , Kings and Queens. It was a great experience of Shakespeare!
By Scarlett (Year 5)

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