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Maths Week Provides Real-Life Learning Opportunities

Posted on: 08 Apr 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: General News

Maths Week Provides Real-Life Learning Opportunities

Last week, the pupils at Weston Green enjoyed an amazing week of real life maths, and made almost £100 for their chosen charity, Barnardo’s, at the same time.

To get the week off to a magical start, Tony Charles, the amazing Maths Magician, came in to school and pupils in Reception through to Year 6 were treated to his mind-dazzling show. The pupils in KS1 and KS2 also took part in workshops where they learned more magical tricks and how to become real wizards with working out change, and other money essentials. After school, parents were able to join their children and Tony for a twilight session of tricks and challenges.

After such a great start to the week, it was then down to some really hard work. Each class from Years 1 to 6 was given a budget of £5.00 to buy the materials to make something to sell at a sale on Friday. The assortment of goods made for the sale was quite amazing: 1F threaded beautiful bead bracelets while 1W made delicious peppermint creams; 2N and 2BN baked symmetrical biscuits; 3M made a mountain of chocolate krispie cakes, 4D served up colourful cocktails, 5H sewed fantastic felt bookmarks and 6RE made laminated recipe cards (with the added incentive of delicious free samples). Throughout the week the children had to think about costs, profit, pricing, special offers… and concentrate on making top quality products to sell.

By Friday morning the children were hugely excited about the sale. Following an assembly in which Mrs. Hawkins and representatives from each class showed off what had been made, the music studio was briefly transformed into the Weston Green Department Store. Class by class the excited customers arrived, and were faced with a stunning selection of things to buy. They had to think about what they could afford, whether they had the right money, what change they needed and keep an eye out for any end of line bargains that might be on offer! When the children from Reception visited the sale they were accompanied by the pupils in Year 6 who carefully guided them around the stalls and helped them with their transactions.

Soon the stalls sold out, and by 11.30 am the sale was over. Now it was time to count the money. Year 5 had the job of sorting and counting all the money, and then Year 6 worked out the costs incurred by each class and the overall profit.

At the end of the day everyone agreed that Maths week – and particularly the sale – had been a huge success. The children learned some important life skills, had fun, and raised money. They went home clutching their purchases, some change, and – for the lucky winners of the week’s maths KS1 and KS2 maths quizzes – some sparkling money boxes in which to put what was left of their money.

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