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Reflecting on a year in Reception

Posted on: 12 Jul 2021 by Weston Green School

Reflecting on a year in Reception

Think about the phrase ‘home learning’.  I am sure that images of children working in front of computer screens, Google classrooms and live lessons might come to mind (alongside the memories of juggling life with too many people trying to work from home!).  It is less likely that you instantly picture what that meant for our youngest learners at Weston Green.  The strange concept of the ‘nasty bug’, the loss of routine and the sudden withdrawal from the environment that had only just become familiar to them were things that could have been exceptionally detrimental to our Reception year group.  Except it wasn’t.  Our Reception children (and their equally amazing families) rose to the challenge with maturity beyond their years, positivity and resilience that would put all woodpeckers to shame!  They not only completed the vast range of tasks assigned, utilising their squirrel risk taking and creative spider traits in equal measure, but they also made home learning as good as it could be for the Reception teaching team.  Their big smiles and enthusiast recounts of their latest daily walk kept us inspired to do the best we could for them.  It is impossible to reflect upon this first year of formal education for our Reception children without mentioning the lockdown experience, but it is possible to be thankful for the opportunities it has given us.  The children are bees - they look after each other, share, take turns, support and encourage each other.  They missed each other and they have spent every moment together since making up for lost time.  They embraced the positives of being at home: spending more time with families, being badgers - organising their day or following complex instructions during small group or 1:1 activities, spending time in nature, reading endless stories, honing their communication skills and increasing their vocabulary amongst many, many other things.  The children returned with new skills and the best possible attitude.  They arrive every day with a readiness and enthusiasm for learning and a growth mindset that cannot be rivaled.  The foundations for the rest of their time at Weston Green are solid and, despite everything that has been thrown at them, these small humans, with promising owl-like qualities, are more than ready to move into Year 1.  


Thank you to the Reception class of 2020-2021 - you have been truly extraordinary and we send you on your way into KS1 in the knowledge that you will be absolutely fine!

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