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Video Coaching at Weston Green: An update from Miss Watson

Posted on: 22 Nov 2017 by Weston Green School

Video Coaching at Weston Green: An update from Miss Watson

It has been an exciting time for staff at Weston Green this term, with the introduction of video coaching with 'Swivl'. This technology allows teachers to video their lessons so they can then watch them back and reflect on the most successful areas of the lesson, as well as areas they might be able to improve on. As we near Christmas, more and more teachers are getting happier with the concept of watching themselves teach and are eager to discuss different development points arising from the videos. This new tool has given us a way to set our own targets and ensure our practice is always improving. We can also focus on specific children’s learning during different lessons and look for ways to challenge the children more than we already do. Having microphones listening to each group of children allows teachers to hear constructive, reflective conversations that they may otherwise not have the chance to hear and respond to these by planning lessons and activities to suit every child's needs.

While teachers are getting used to the technology, some of us are getting more familiar with the concept of coaching. We are looking at how we can help people set realistic and achievable targets that will allow them to become even better practitioners. These coaching conversations are something that we hope become a consistent and ongoing part of Weston Green staff development as they are already proving to be so valuable and something that is becoming a more natural process. As a profession, we find ourselves being overly critical of all that we do. We hope that the Swivl technology and consequent conversations remind us how engaged and inspired these children are in each and every lesson and become a positive and useful tool for continuing to push ourselves and the children to reach their full potential. 

Miss Watson

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