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Workshops Bring Learning to Life for Years 1 & 2

Posted on: 08 Apr 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 1, Year 1, Year 2

Workshops Bring Learning to Life for Years 1 & 2

Pupils from Key Stage 1 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in workshops recently, which extended their learning about current topics which they have been studying. Year 1 took part in an ‘Enchanted Toy Shop’ workshop, whilst pupils in Year 2 further explored ‘Life on a Scottish Island’.

Year 1: ‘Enchanted Toy Shop’
Year 1 had an amazing time extending their work from the classroom on ‘Toys From Long Ago’, by participating in the toy workshop on Tuesday. Pupils had the opportunity to investigate actual vintage toys and explore bringing these toys to life through movement and song.

They were also introduced to Mr. Gepetto’s Toy Shop, where the children developed a story together by acting like the toys in the shop: ballerinas, soldiers, puppets, bears etc. under the not so watchful eye of Mr. Gepetto. Children used oral storytelling techniques to create an add-on story together which was very exciting, leaving them with many story ideas for us to explore in the next week.

Year 2: ‘Life on a Scottish Island’
Year 2 have been studying the Isle of Coll, off the West Coast of Scotland as part of their Geography topic this term. To build on their understanding and knowledge, the Openbox Theatre Company visited us and we took part in a theatre workshop in which we recreated Katie Morag’s ‘Island of Struay’ (fictional island, based on the actual Isle of Coll).

We imagined and acted out the lives of people who live on the Isle of Coll and compared it with living close to London. With the use of the powerpoint presentation we discussed key vocabulary relating to aspects of the Isle of Coll. The children responded well and were able to demonstrate their already quite considerable knowledge and now are able to expand on it further.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and in the follow up the children shared the following quotes:
‘It was fun and entertaining!’
‘I learnt lots.’
‘I enjoyed the Scottish dancing!’
‘Mr McColl interviewed me about my life in London.’

See a selection of photos from Year 2’s workshop about Life on a Scottish Island:

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