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☰ Year 1 take a trip to Hampton Court

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Year 1 take a trip to Hampton Court

Posted on: 03 Oct 2019 by Weston Green School

Year 1 take a trip to Hampton Court

On Thursday, Year 1 took a trip to Hampton Court Palace. Whilst at the palace, Year 1 enjoyed a ‘Tudor Times’ workshop, looked around the magnificent palace, conquered the maze and had a chance to play in the magic gardens.

During the workshop, the children looked at the different types of clothes that rich and poor people would wear in the Tudor period and compared them to the clothes children wear today. Year 1 learnt that ladies were not allowed to show their hair or ankles in Tudor times and men wore skirts with tights and stockings. The children also got a ‘hands-on’ chance to look at some Tudor artefacts including peg dolls, leather goblets and a trencher plate. Year 1 learnt how to bow to the King and Queen and found out that the more important the person, the lower you need to bow! Boys had to take their hats off and girls had to hold their hands together. They also learnt that it is very important that you don’t look at the King or Queen in the eye.

To finish off the session, Year 1 had a go at learning a traditional Tudor dance called the Horses brawl, before looking around the palace and a chance to see the Royal Chapel, the Great Hall, the Kitchens and a replica of Henry VIII's crown.

The trip to the palace has greatly enhanced Year 1's topic ‘Turrets and ‘Tiaras’ and the trip has given them a real-life insight into what life used to be like during the Tudor period. 

“My favourite part of the day was seeing the the crown!” - Esmee, Year 1

“I liked learning how to bow to the King!” - Ella, Year 1 

“I liked looking at all the different paintings in the palace, especially the painting of Henry VIII!’ - Oscar, Year 1

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