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☰ Year 5 Spend a Day in Victorian Britain

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Year 5 Spend a Day in Victorian Britain

Posted on: 22 May 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: Year 5

Year 5 Spend a Day in Victorian Britain

On Tuesday, the pupils in 5H spent the day in a Victorian classroom with a blackboard and chalk and no technology in sight. To add to the atmosphere, they came to school appropriately dressed as Victorian children and each pupil was given a Victorian name. They were taught their three ‘Rs’ by a very strict Mrs Smit!

They chanted the times tables and learnt about pounds, shillings and pennies. After ‘drill’ outside, the pupils practised their copperplate handwriting, first on slates and then in their copy books, using dip pens and inkwells.

In the afternoon, they enjoyed a visit from Chertsey Museum Education Service, who brought a whole range of interesting artefacts and costumes. The pupils found out what it would have been like to have to go to work, perhaps as a chimney sweep or maid, and what life would have been like if they were lucky enough to go to school, where they might encounter the back straightener and finger stocks if they fidgeted or slouched.

The pupils stayed in character all day, but were very relieved to return to the present when it was time to go home.

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