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Year 5 Trip To South Africa

Posted on: 29 Apr 2021 by Weston Green School

Year 5 Trip To South Africa

It was the first day back after the Easter break and Year 5 gathered in Mrs Hansraj’s room to hear the exciting news that they had won a poetry competition organised by the ISA. The prize - a trip to South Africa! Boarding passes in hand and with humongous smiles on their faces accompanied with a buzz of excitement in the air, the children made their way to Heathrow Airport (Science room!) and boarded the plane.

The journey was going well with a lot of entertainment and tasty refreshments organised by the lovely air hostess, Mrs White, until Pilot Hansraj turned on the seatbelt sign and announced turbulence ahead. The plane ran into a severe electrical storm and the pilot lined up the plane to land on a small uninhabited island that had been dimly visible through the rain. The cockpit was hit by lightning! The plane plummeted, belly-flopped and shuddered to a halt as it hit a rock!

Shaken and exhausted, Year 5 children mustered up the energy to learn and practice some survival skills. Little did they know, they will need their newly acquired knowledge and skill for their English Island Project homework for the duration of the summer term!

The trip to South Africa was unexpected! We were all ecstatic and happy when we received the news from Mrs Hansraj, and jumped up and down as we boarded on the airplane, but as we flew over the sea we crashed (as a storm hit us) and landed on an unknown island. We had to learn survival skills to endure, including first aid, fire making, den building, raft creating and basket weaving! What an adventure!  Kiara

It was fun to see Mrs White as an air hostess with the food tray and, when the turbulence struck, the water went flying all over us! Aryan

On Tuesday, we went on a pretend flight to South Africa, which, at first, I thought was real because Mrs Hansraj made it sound SO realistic,  but no, we crashed during the flight and had to learn some important survival skills. We did lots of fun activities like fire lighting, den building and lots of other things. Eva

I enjoyed the fact that we were able to make fire using flint and steel. Additionally, I learnt how to make baskets using plastic cups that would have been washed up along the shore. I enjoyed bandaging myself had I been injured - I looked like I was mummified! I had a lot of fun! Theo

"When we had the plane crash on Tuesday it was very exciting because we got to miss out on maths and do some really fun/different activities. My favourite activity was building the den because I got to help put up the roof but I accidently wrapped Evie up with the blue rope and squished her against the tree."
Arabella B


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