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☰ Year 6: ‘My Favourite Part of our Residential Trip to Normandy’

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Year 6: ‘My Favourite Part of our Residential Trip to Normandy’

Posted on: 22 May 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: Year 6

Year 6: ‘My Favourite Part of our Residential Trip to Normandy’

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful week in Normandy, France, for their residential trip. The pupils have collated their favourite memories. Here is a taste of some of their great experiences:

Playing football with all the teachers. It was fun to see how good Mr. Reed and Mr. Edwards are at the game. Florent, our French instructor, was magnifique at football. To make it even better, it was really nice weather to play in. It was one of the best days of my trip.

Playing aeroball. We like bouncing on our trampolines and we like lots of different ball games, so having them both together was great fun for us and hopefully for everybody else.
Bill and Sam

The visit to the goat’s cheese farm, because we learnt about AMAZING things, such as milking a goat and if the goat was pregnant or not. We also got to handle the kids! I (Sienna) even got to ride on a MASSIVE goat! Afterwards we went back to the shelter to eat some mouth watering goats’ cheese! Even though the farmer only spoke French, we picked up the odd facts such as: there are only 15 non- industrial goats’ cheese farms in France; the average French person eats 2kg of goats’ cheese per year and there is an average of 200 days of rain at the farm per annum.
Sienna and Alex

The Normandy beaches. It was hard to imagine that nearly 70 years ago, there was an intense battle where I was standing. I also found eating snails was very interesting because everyone had different views on them. (Most people liked them, including me!)

The bread making Mexican wave. We started throwing our dough onto the table as hard as we could, starting at one end and going in a loop.

We really enjoyed the 360° D-Day cinema. It showed you what it was like to be in the war and the real emotions of the soldiers. It also made us feel like we could have been staring right up at our ancestors who fought valiantly in the war to save us and to free us so that we wouldn’t be in prisons now like Hitler wanted us to be back then. It was really interesting and we were fascinated to find ourselves standing on the same beach where more than 425,000 allied and German troops were killed, wounded or went missing. Having seen the construction of the Mulberry Harbour in the cinema, it was amazing to see the remains on the beach and out to sea. Eating ice creams on the beach was a perfect end to the day!
Sophia, Xannie and Jude

When we were travelling back, Glen (the coach driver) played some great tunes. We were able to sing at the top of our voices. We even had a karaoke competition!

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