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And now - from our own correspondent

Posted on: 09 Mar 2015 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Years 3,4,5 and 6 match report v The Study and Ewell castle

The whole of key stage 2 played extraordinarily throughout the whole afternoon. The scoring opened with 2 stunners from Issy. The goal would not have come without the whole team. Using brilliant team play the 5 and 6 girls got two more, both of them coming from Issy, completing her hat trick. The 4th and 5th goals came yet again from Issy. A team game is not just about scoring the goals would not have come without Ella who put in some amazing assists Scarlet and Sofia made some goal stoppers in defence and Caitlin had no ordinary game as sweeper making some outstanding off the line clearances. Everyone thought the girls had nothing left in them but boy they were wrong. We were in for a treat as Jess ripped the net twice ending the game WGS 7-0 The Study.

Year 5 and 6 boys v The study

The 5 and 6 boys continued the WGS excellent play when Weston Wonderkid and a team captain Brice got a goal using his superb skills passing to Jude who did some unbelievable skill and made a too good to be true back to the Skipper who hit the ball right in the sweet spot and as quick as light the ball flew into the back of the net. This was quickly followed by a superb goal from Faren. This time it was the solid defenders, Monty and Callum showing off some spectacular interceptions and passes to Faren who made an awesome run down the left wing and showed how good the coaches at WGS are by making a terrific shot that the sweeper keeper just couldn’t contain and it hit the back of the net with enormous power. This goal was not the end of it, Clement showed some unbelievable pace in getting through to the D pulling it back and hammering it in the goal. Unfortunately this is the only goal Clem could show today because in the next five minutes he got hit in the head with a stick and had to come off. Brice got two more outstanding goals before full time. Weston Green were on a roll.


Year 5 and 6 boys Bs

Unfortunately the 5 and 6 boys Bs did not have as much luck although we put 100% effort in we did not get the achievement we were hoping for. This match ended a 6-0 Study win but Weston Green could not have played better with Jack and Joe smacking the post. The Study showed off good counter attacking play and, to be honest most of their goals came from luck. Adam T Adam C and Thomas T were making amazing tackles whilst Joe Milo and Jack played superbly dropping back to help when needed.

Year 4 As v Ewell Castle

This match was the highest scoring match there was and it ended WGS 9-2 Ewell castle the whole team played unbelievably well with goals coming from nearly the whole squad. Two people that stood out from all of the others were Lily and Nathan. They both showed terrific team play with Nathan scoring a goal in the first minute and Lily who had bundles of energy and would not stop running up and down the wing.

Year 4 Bs

This was another unfortunate match ending 2-0 nil to Ewell Castle but yet again WGS played extraordinarily well with endless determination, which is vitally needed  in any type of sport. The whole team believed in themselves the whole way through the game and from start to finish showed tremendous skill.

Year 3 greens

The year 3 Greens went one nil up with an early goal from Sean. The play started at the back and only needed around 4 passes to get to the D where Sean took a save that was blocked and he took an amazing rebound that this time the sweeper didn’t stand a chance of stopping. Sammy soon made WGS go up from 1-0 to 2-0, with a superb shoot from just inside the D, which rounded the game off at 2-0.

Year 3 Whites

The year 3 Whites finished with the same score as the Greens. James C set the Whites 1-0 up in the first couple of minutes and that was soon followed by a second goal for James which came from pure skill in all areas.

It was a truly great day for WGS and they hope to continue this in the future matches.   

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