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Green-fingered Year 4

Posted on: 15 Jun 2015 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 2, Year 4

Green-fingered Year 4

Testing the theory that 'one way to make children eat vegetables is to get them to grow them', Year 4 have been busy tending to their recently planted tomato crop. "Growing your own tomatoes is simple!",  everyone seems to say, but our pupils know that without regular watering to keep the compost evenly moist, and a watchful eye on the look out for the dreaded tomato blight, their sweet-tasting tomatoes might never flourish.

A rota as been set up for regular watering of our class plants.It has been wonderful to witness the children's enthusiasm for the planting of the outdoor learning area. They have certainly gained an understanding of, and a connection with the natural environment. Growing things also gives our children an insight into managing resources, especially water, more thoughtfully and efficiently. Year 4 look forward to seeing their efforts rewarded with a bumper crop of delicious tomatoes before the end of term.

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