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☰ How our Learner Profiles contribute to 11+ success

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How our Learner Profiles contribute to 11+ success

Posted on: 13 Mar 2018 by Weston Green School | Category: Early Years, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

At Weston Green, our Learner Profiles (represented by the six delightful animals who are carved into our tree stump) are a way of helping children develop a strong set of learning characteristics.

The whole school has embraced the language of the Learner Profiles, and whilst this language might sound quite different in Early Years (where the children will excitedly tell you that they are working together like bees, or thinking hard like owls) and upper Key Stage 2 (where children will more likely talk of collaboration, and reflection), it is nonetheless a common language. This enables the staff across all Key Stages to promote the idea that there are lots of different ways of learning. In order to be successful, children are encouraged to develop a comprehensive range of learning characteristics: reflection like the owl; resilience like the woodpecker; independence like the badger; risk-taking like the squirrel; team-work like the bee, and creativity like the spider.

As children move through the school into upper Key Stage 2, they start to prepare for their school entrance exams at 11+, and the Learner Profile characteristics are key to their success: regular practice papers require them to work independently, and then reflect on what went well and what they could improve; interview preparation with their peers requires collaboration; preparation for extended writing tasks demands creativity and the whole of the Autumn Term requires remarkable resilience as the preparation and inevitable tension build. Finally, this all comes together in the exams themselves when above all else our pupils are required to be risk-takers. If the process is successful - and this year’s superb set of 40 offers and eight scholarships would indeed demonstrate that it has been - it is because of the cumulative effect of learning how to learn.

Mrs. Lisa Hawkins (Director of Studies)

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