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☰ Science in action at WGS school.

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Science in action at WGS school.

Posted on: 15 Sep 2016 by Weston Green School

Science in action at WGS school.

The new science lab was in full use this week for year 5 and year 6 students. We even had a cheeky squirrel pop his head through the doors to see what all the excitement was about, though he quickly realised science wasn’t for him.

The year 5s have been getting to grips with investigating how to separate different mixtures. First they were using homemade sieves to separate a slightly odd mixture of solids, varying the hole size to enable them to separate the different solids. They then went on to investigate which solids dissolved in water and which didn’t, how much solute they need to add to reach saturation point and finally if the solvent used makes a difference to the dissolving properties of the solid. The year 5s all seemed to enjoy this task immensely.......

The year 6s have been looking at different systems in the body, concentrating on the circulatory system. They walked out the “figure of eight” circulatory system in the playground, correctly showing where in the body blood is oxygenated and where it is deoxygenated. They then modelled the heart in plasticine, correctly labelling different chambers, heart valves and blood vessels. I hope any cardiologists would be proud.

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