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☰ Sun worshipping in year 1?

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Sun worshipping in year 1?

Posted on: 23 Mar 2015 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 1, Year 1

Year 1 spent last week preparing for the solar eclipse and learning all about what they are and why they happen. The children looked at how often these eclipses occur and tried to work out how old they would be the next time one happened.  The children created some wonderful, informative posters and their own fact sheets including what they deemed to be the most important things to know about a solar eclipse. We spent some time learning of the dangers of looking at the sun and why it is important that you have special glasses to protect your eyes. As Friday morning dawned, it was a shame to see that a cloudy day greeted us and that the chance of seeing the eclipse was going to be extremely slim. However, the children ventured outside with protective glasses and pinhole cameras (always optimistic in year 1!) and noticed that the light had faded and the air seemed cooler. We watched some videos of the eclipse to get a better view and enjoyed discussing the exciting event that we had learnt so much about. Let's hope next time the clouds disappear and we all get the chance to see the eclipse with our own eyes!

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