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The Sound of Silence

Posted on: 17 Nov 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 2, Year 5

The first week back was an usual one in year 5. In assembly on Monday morning Mr Harrison announced that Mrs Hawkins had lost something - her voice!  In fact she lost it for three whole days, but the learning in KS2 continued. The pupils quickly learnt to look very carefully - at Mrs Hawkins’ hand signals and lips, and the board where she wrote lots of instructions and explanations. It was certainly a different way of working, but the pupils rose to the occasion. Not only did they become much quieter themselves, but their concentration improved. Once her voice returned Mrs Hawkins asked the children what they thought of the experience.  


Sofia said, “It was a bit weird, but we were quieter too!” and Adam felt the class learnt about different ways of communicating. Callum said, “We had to watch Mrs Hawkins’ expression to see if she was happy with us or not,” and Tom added that they certainly learnt to concentrate more.


So, perhaps sometimes there is no harm in teachers talking less!

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