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The Weston Green School Cookery Club - who needs the Great British Bake Off?

Posted on: 04 Nov 2014 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 2

“The Cookery Club is extremely fun. It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad at baking, there is a place for anyone at Cookery Club” - Issy Y6.

Not only do the pupils get to feast on the spoils of their endeavours afterwards, but baking and cooking cover so much of the curriculum. There is plenty of maths involved in baking and it is essentially a science experiment in cause and effect!  Reading a recipe offers the chance to discover new words and spellings and instructions need to be followed. The pupils also have to copy out the recipes in their own Cookery Club recipe books. We touch on geography when discussing where some of the ingredients are sourced. Then of course it is an excellent opportunity to develop fine motor skills and to be creative. Social skills also deserve to be mentioned. There is a lovely atmosphere of camaraderie and a helping hand is always lent where needed.  The list of advantages goes on, and what makes it even more remarkable is the fact that all of this happens in only one hour when the Weston Green School Cookery Club meet on a Wednesday afternoon after school.

We have very strict rules, food hygiene being top of the list! Clean hands are crucial and the licking of fingers or spoons are forbidden. However, the pupils cannot wait to break this very rule!  Yes, they are allowed to lick their spoons and scrape any remaining dough or mixture from the mixing bowls as soon as the baking trays or tins are in the oven! Everyone does their bit when it comes to clearing up and there are many willing hands to wipe the tables and sweep the floor.  

We already have a varied repertoire of recipes and with Christmas now on the radar, the possibilities for the second half of the term are very exciting. We are as excited as the pupils when their baked goods come out of the oven and as proud and delighted when they show off their creations to everybody when they go home.    

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