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Water of Life

Posted on: 08 Feb 2016 by Weston Green School | Category: Key Stage 2, Year 5

Water of Life

Have you ever wondered how your water gets from the reservoir to your tap? Or how much water we all use every day – and where it goes when we have finished with it?

Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to learn the answers to many questions such as these last Monday when they invited a visiting speaker from Thames Water to come to one of their Geography lessons, where this term they have been studying the water cycle, and the journey that our water takes from it forming in the clouds to being returned to the rivers.

Pupils were reminded that in the UK, water is a resource that is often taken for granted, but this very informative talk certainly showed them that there is more to the process of getting clean water into our homes than they may have first thought. Through a series of interactive slides and video clips, as well as some hands on practical experiments, they were given a behind the scenes view of Thames Water and how our drinking water is treated before it gets to our homes. They also learned about  the process of cleaning sewage before it can be returned to our rivers and into the water cycle, and how Thames Water are able to create energy from our waste!

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services provider, supplying 2.6 billion litres of drinking water to nine million people across London and the Thames Valley every day. They also remove and treat more than 4 billion litres of sewage for 15 million customers so that it can be returned safely back into the environment. Pupils were reassured when they heard that tap water in the UK is amongst the safest and highest quality in the world. They were also fascinated to learn how the sewage from our toilets is carried in pipes leading to settling tanks at the sewage works where it goes through a biological treatment before being used as fertiliser, or in some cases, used to create energy to heat people’s homes.

Having heard that on average, we each use almost a third more water than we did 30 years ago, the pupils were encouraged to think about how much water they and their families use each day. They discussed the different ways water is wasted and suggested steps that can be taken to reduce waste and become water-wise.

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