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Educating on religious beliefs as part of our curriculum

Posted: 1st November 2022

RE is an important part of our curriculum, giving children a unique opportunity to reflect on and learn from the faiths and beliefs of those around them. We help children develop an understanding of the place that religion plays in people’s lives and how it has influenced history and the growth and development of society, providing a wonderful opportunity for spiritual, moral and cultural development.  Alongside this, children develop a perception of themselves within their community. We ignite a curiosity to learn about religions and world views that help children understand about diversity in the world.

We begin teaching RE in the Foundation Stage as the children begin to learn about special people, books, times, places, objects and celebrations. As children move up through the years, we move away from teaching one religion at a time and instead focus on a theme, for example ‘Peace’ and cover different religions across that theme. This approach ensures that during their primary school years, children are re-exposed to a range of religions and develop key skills; they learn to investigate, explore, describe, explain and debate, using religions as the context.  Beyond our RE lessons, we actively promote diversity through celebrations of different faiths and cultures.  Our annual inter-faith week is a celebration, enjoyed by all pupils, when children and family members of different faiths are invited into the school to share their experiences.