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Head Teachers Blog 10th February 2023

Posted: 8th February 2023

I am ever grateful for being able to live and work each day surrounded by inspiration. Our school, full of wonderful individuals, busily learning and growing up, shows us all how their tasks, their achievements and their goals set a purpose to their lives.

Being aspirational is crucial to this. Aspirations set a purpose and a pathway but can also bring challenges. A focus for our assemblies this term, being aspirational involves setting personal goals, reflecting on the steps we need to take and the strength we need to tackle the tough points we will encounter.

I have seen this reflected in so many ways this term, from learning new skills, such as children so proud of their early phonics and handwriting, or programming robots using code, to children participating in maths challenges or the spelling bee and to the resilience and determination shown by our Year 6’s as they have completed their entrance exams, each one of them striving to achieve their own personal successes.

We are hugely proud that being aspirational is threaded throughout our academic preparations and alongside the enriching opportunities our children take part in. Whether it’s learning gymnastics, making a presentation or cracking long division, learning to aim high, to set yourself on the path, yet draw upon the resilience to keep going, are crucial skills to achieve the successes our children demonstrate each and every day.

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