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A Glimpse into our Curriculum

Posted: 6th March 2023

A Glimpse into…

A regular insight into an area of our teaching and learning at Weston Green!

This week our focus is on our Thematic Curriculum

So why do we take a thematic approach to learning at Weston Green?

The thematic approach we take to design our Weston Green curriculum has enabled us to implement a rich, high-quality educational program which serves all our learners.  From Early Years through to Year 6 we encourage and develop blended academic thinking and educational research. With the wisdom of decades of combined primary experience and a true love of the unique nature of primary education, we provide academically enriching experiences on a termly basis focused around relevant and thought provoking themes.  The topic webs we provide to you each term demonstrate these interconnections and how we weave these to make sense to children.

Having a thematic approach means that children can make vital connections between subjects which are brought together in creative and dynamic ways under an overarching topic. This allows the children to build on what they know as well as develop a level of understanding, memory and retention in learning.  Using our hotly anticipated imaginative ‘hooks’ and ‘wow’ activities, we sprinkle the topic themes with key lightbulb and peak moments to facilitate depth of learning both within the classroom and throughout the wider experiences of Weston Green life.

We hope this has been helpful in providing some insight into the rationale behind our thematic curriculum that the children so enjoy!

Mrs Hansraj & Mrs Wilson

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