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Reception visit Bocketts Farm

Posted: 22nd March 2023

Reception visited Bocketts Farm on Tuesday 21st March.  We were blessed with good weather and had a wonderful day out.

First, we visited a pony called Vanilla! The children were given interesting facts about ponies and horses by our lead, Katie, and were able to stroke the pony on its nose!

Next, we visited the large animals in the barn.  The goats had a pesky little kid which liked to climb and jump.  There were also pigs, rabbits, donkeys and many sheep, waiting to give birth in the spring.

After that, we went on a tractor-trailer ride around Bocketts Farm, observing all the animals grazing in the fields.  We were lucky enough to be able to see London on the clear skyline!

Finally, we had a very tasty picnic lunch followed by a fun session in the soft play area.

One of the highlights of the day was watching the long- anticipated pig race!  The children enjoyed cheering for the pigs and waving flags to encourage the pigs to run faster!

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