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Alumni Q&A with Atticus, Allegra and Diggory M

Posted: 26th May 2023

A Q&A with three siblings who all attended Weston Green School:

Could you introduce yourselves:

Atticus (Atty) – I’m in my GCSE year at Harrow School.
Allegra (Leggy) – I’m at King’s Bruton School
Diggory (Diggy) – I’m at Tower House School

How long were you at WGS and in which year did you leave/how old were you?
Atty – I joined in Reception and stayed until Year 6
Leggy and Diggy – we joined when we were 3 and stayed until Year 67
What is your favourite memory from WGS/what do you remember most from WGS?
Atty – The residentials were really fun
Leggy – I remember the sport and my friends and the residentials
Diggy – I only left a year ago so I remember it really well. I really enjoyed Weston Green and the food was great.

What experience did you take with you since leaving WGS and have developed further?
Atty – I always loved science and am about to take Astronomy GCSE (as well as all the usual sciences)
Leggy – I loved hockey at Weston Green and I play for the first team at King’s Bruton, and I also play for Bruton
Diggy – I always enjoyed drama and am doing lots of drama at Tower House – we did a big production of Braveheart
Thank you!

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