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Y5 Residential – Isle of Wight

Posted: 30th June 2023

With the glorious sun shining for the whole week during Year 5 residential, the children were full of beans and had an amazing time taking part in different activities each day. They demonstrated their learner profile skills throughout the week and displayed the Weston Green School values each day. All the children had so much fun and even the teachers participated in the activities!


Check out some of the highlights in the children’s own words …

Freddie M

When we made our water rockets we were divided into groups to try to launch ours the farthest. When doing this we had to decide what angle to launch it at and how much water to put in our bottle. Then we all had to go pumping air into the rockets so there would be too much pressure and rockets would launch.


I enjoyed the end of week reflection because we all got to accomplish new things.Our instructor,Elena, made it very fun.We all had fun,and all managed to achieve our goals.When we had our bread,we saw a pheasant and her babies!What a brilliant way to end the week.


The leap of faith was an interesting experience,you had to climb samples and reach a wooden platform and then put your feet at the tip and jump.It was really fun.


Fencing was really fun because I had never done it before and I won most of my matches!


I really enjoyed archery because it was something I rarely do and it is lovely to do it with all my friends


As we walked up to the top of the hill, we saw beautiful views like the beach and all the waves crashing into the rocks. Once we finally got there, the wind was very strong and it made our hair go crazy. We all sat on the statues eating our snacks.

Freddie L

I liked fire lighting. I like it because you can collect the stick. It was fun because fire is big but if your life went you don’t have a home.

Mia M

For our last activity in our residential area we made a buggy. We made it out of 2 long wooden poles, a wooden plank, 2 barrels and some rope. At the end of the session we got to ride our buggy’s and even had a race!


At the campfire we had marshmallows, they were really good. Another thing we did which was funny Jacob told us a story and then made songs about the story!


Orienteering, I loved doing orienteering. I got to go in a team with Josh and Niamh. It was so much fun . We started with number four. First we had no clue what we were doing.


It was really fun.We found a jellyfish and tons of crabs!


Jacobs Ladder – What you had to do for Jacobs ladder is you get to choose your pairs and climb a wobbly ladder in them. You were timed for five minutes and had to climb to the top. Most of us were able to make it to the top and it was really fun to work as a team and try and get to the top. I had never done something like that before so I found it really fun.


In shelter building we had a lot of fun building a shelter. We had to get into teams of five people. I was in a team with Niamh, Ross, Tristan and Zac. We had built a shelter as if we were in the wild. We used sticks and tarpaulin. It was really fun.


The Quick Zip was the first high-rope activity, so there were quite a few nerves going around but once everyone had their first go it was so fun!


The ferry over there was very exciting. On the ferry I felt a tiny bit seasick but after a bit I I was back to normal. The seats were in two’s so you had someone to talk to. There was a TV at the front so if you got bored you could watch adverts.


We did a lot of fun things when we were at the isle of wight we did fun things and not so fun thing and one of them was playing outside are accommodations when we were playing outside we did lots of things like climbing trees and playing stawads doing art, telling spooky stories and playing tag we all had so much fun!!!


We had to make a box to protect a water balloon. We also had to tell a joke to get sellotape and cardboard and if it survived we got to throw it at Mrs H!


In problem solving we had to solve multiple problems on of them was Charlotte’s web where we had to get everyone through the multiple holes but once someone fully crossed through a hole you were not allowed to cross through that hole. It took multiple tries we remembered he said fully so once somebody crossed through the kept their arm in and we managed to get everyone through doing the trick – it was so much fun!


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