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The Not-So-Creepy-Crawlies: Early Years Summer Show

Posted: 5th July 2023

The children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception all gave a wonderful performance at their Summer show this week.

The musical is about the adventures of a curious ladybird called Lucy, who explores the garden and gets seperated from her mother.  Along her journey Lucy encounters lots of creepy crawlies and learns things about their characteristics and habitats. Some scary looking but friendly stag beetles look after her during the night until she is safely reunited with her mother.  The show is full of lively songs which the children have really enjoyed learning.  Each Reception child had a speaking role, some with quite a few lines, and they all did a fantastic job of speaking very clearly and eloquently.  Meanwhile Nursery and Kindergarten sang and danced throughout the performance.

All children in Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception made a headband to wear which was decorated with their creepy crawly creature on the front. Reception have also helped to make props and decorated a beautiful backdrop portraying a summer garden.

The show is a result of weeks of hard work and collaboration by the children and their teachers, who must be commended for their confidence and enthusiasm on stage.

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