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Y6 visit Brooklands Museum

Posted: 15th January 2024

Trip to Brooklands Museum


Here are some highlights from the recent Year 6 trip to the fantastic Brooklands Museum. 🚀✨

Our theme for this trip was “Innovation” and it was a day filled with inspiration! The children had the chance to explore transportation innovations throughout history. From Harrier jets to the classic elegance of a penny farthing bicycle, and the thunderous speed of Formula 1 cars, they saw it all! The kids were fascinated to learn the secrets behind aircraft production as they stepped into the shoes of engineers and aviation pioneers. A crucial lesson we took away was how periods of conflict, like wars, can be unexpected catalysts for innovation. The children gained a deeper understanding of how necessity and adversity often drive humans to create groundbreaking solutions.


The children enjoyed stepping on Concorde and also had great fun in a workshop where they got to test their creativity and engineering skills by designing and running tests on their very own 4-wheeled vehicle inventions! 🏎️🛠️


The Brooklands Museum truly brought history to life for our young learners and we couldn’t be prouder of how engaged and enthusiastic the children were throughout the day. The curiosity and excitement were palpable!

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