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Zones of Regulation

Posted: 1st February 2024

Zones of Regulation – Benefits

At Weston Green School, we’d like to share with you the incredible benefits of the Zones of Regulation, a widely recognised approach that supports children in handling challenging emotions – something we like to call ‘self-regulation.’ This term encompasses various aspects such as ‘self-control,’ ‘impulse management,’ and ‘self-management.’ In essence, self-regulation means finding the best state of alertness for each unique situation. For example, when your child is playing a sports game, they naturally need a higher level of alertness compared to quieter activities like studying in a library.

We understand that, from time to time, both adults and children face challenges in managing intense emotions like worry, anger, restlessness, fear, or tiredness. These emotions can sometimes disrupt our daily activities, making it difficult for children, especially, to focus and learn effectively at school.


Here at Weston Green School, our caring approach focuses on nurturing your child’s emotional well-being. The primary aim of introducing the Zones of Regulation is to provide children with valuable strategies to navigate these emotions successfully. These strategies, often referred to as ‘self-regulation,’ empower your child to return to a calm state, ensuring they are ready and excited for the learning journey ahead.


Emotions work alongside and complement the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills which we cultivate at school. Using the Zones of Regulation assists children in identifying, communicating, and managing strong feelings. This framework supports them in using their emotions appropriately for the right situation, for the right reason, and with the correct intensity in various scenarios. The Zones of Regulation align with and contribute to the cultivation of critical thinking and decision-making skills in early childhood development.

Well Being

We believe that by incorporating these strategies into their daily lives, children will not only develop emotional resilience but also enhance their overall well-being. If you have any questions or would like more information about how we integrate the Zones of Regulation into our school environment, please feel free to reach out.