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Headteacher’s Blog  09/02/2024

Posted: 9th February 2024

As we complete this first half term of the new year I have reflected on how we have used our school value of being Aspirational throughout these first few weeks to inspire ourselves and each other. Our school, full of wonderful individuals, busily learning and growing up, shows us all how their tasks, their achievements and their goals set a purpose to their lives, making the most of all the opportunities put before them.

Being aspirational is crucial to this. Aspirations set a purpose and a pathway but can also bring challenges. A focus for our assemblies this term, being aspirational involves setting personal goals, reflecting on the steps we need to take and the strength we need to tackle the tough points we will encounter.

I have seen this reflected in so many ways this term, from learning new skills, such as children so proud of their progress in writing, or programming robots using code, to children participating in science challenges or competing in the many ISA competitions too which reflect the entire curriculum. 

Several examples stand out. The resilience and determination shown by our Year 6’s as they have completed their entrance exams for 11+ schools, each one of them striving to achieve their own personal successes. The incredible achievements of our sports teams in all their matches, in particular becoming national finalists in Hockey and regional winners in Netball. As well as the commitment and curiosity shown by all in the off timetable curriculum week around Take One Picture this week.

Even my own personal decision to move on has sparked chatter amongst the children and in assemblies over the opportunities that change and aspiration can bring. You may wish to know that this week the final stages of the recruitment process for the next Headteacher have been taking place and, as one part of this, a chance for children and staff across the school to meet candidates and understand what their aspirations for this school may be. It has certainly been an enlightening and tough process so far! Following final interviews, an appointment will be made and the outcome communicated early in the new half term.

We are hugely proud that the concept of having aspirations is threaded throughout the enriching opportunities our children take part in, focussing on the broad ways we can all find personal pride and success. Learning to aim high, to set yourself on the path, yet draw upon the resilience to keep going, are crucial skills to achieve the successes our children demonstrate each and every day.

We all wish you a restful half term break.


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