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Girls on Board Approach – Promoting Kindness and Friendship

Posted: 25th March 2024

At Weston Green School, the Girls on Board (GoB) programme continues to foster kindness and empathy among the girls, particularly emphasising the importance of supportive friendships. Led by Mrs. Hanraj, the Deputy Head, the GoB approach created by Andrew Hampton aims to create a nurturing environment where girls feel empowered to be kind and supportive to one another.

One of the core principles of the GoB approach is to remind girls about the impact of unkind behaviour on their peers. Through interactive session scenario-based learning, the girls learn to understand how their actions can affect others’ feelings, and they are encouraged to be compassionate and considerate in their interactions.

Complimenting the approach, the girls are reminded to seek help and support from teachers or make use of the Worry Box – either online or through those we  have around the school – when facing friendship challenges. It reassures girls that they can always rely on the school community for assistance during difficult times.

“When friendships encounter difficulties, Girls on Board sessions are organised to reinforce the importance of friendship,” explains Mrs. Hanraj. “We want every girl to understand that their friendships matter, and they have the support they need to navigate through any challenges they may face.”

Recognising the emotional toll of friendship struggles, the GoB approach addresses concerns such as feelings of loneliness and the temptation to resort to unkind behaviour. It highlights the value of positive peer relationships in fostering a supportive and inclusive school environment.

The GoB approach also acknowledges the reluctance some girls have to involve adults in friendship issues. By providing a platform for girls to openly discuss their concerns and receive guidance from peers and mentors, the approach seeks to address friendship challenges in a supportive and constructive manner.

“Every girl deserves to have a friend, someone they can rely on within their school and year group,” Mrs. Hanraj emphasises. “We want to ensure that no child feels alone or excluded, and that they understand the importance of being a good friend themselves. Through initiatives like Girls on Board and our Working with Boys programmes (more about this to follow next term), we aim to empower our children to cultivate positive relationships and navigate the complexities of friendship with empathy and kindness.

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