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Year 6 Entrepreneurs Shine Bright at LifeLab!

Posted: 3rd May 2024

This week, our Year 6 children showcased the business and leadership skills they’ve been learning this year, in an epic pitching event! As part of their LifeLab Business course, they wowed us with their innovative products and business plans, proving that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking in our school.


We were thrilled to welcome special guests Karen McGuigan from The Maths Mum, Caroline King from Caroline’s Wardrobe and Katie Lucas-Woulfe from The Marvellous Group join us as judges to share their expertise. Their visit added an extra spark to the day, and they were seriously impressed by the high-quality pitch presentations our children delivered.

Business Skills

Under the guidance of their LifeLab mentors, each team assumed different roles, with one managing finances, another handling communications, and another leading sales efforts. This allocation of responsibilities not only fostered collaboration but also enabled each child to leverage their individual strengths and skills.

How it works

With a small initial financial outlay of funds provided by LifeLab, the teams set out to procure products and materials necessary to bring their business ideas to life. From sourcing raw materials for handmade crafts to purchasing ingredients for delectable treats, Year 6 navigated the challenges of budgeting and financial management. From brainstorming memorable and relevant company names to designing eye-catching posters and sales tables, the children embraced every aspect of entrepreneurship with enthusiasm and determination.

Involving the school and community

But the excitement didn’t stop there! In the afternoon, our budding entrepreneurs set up stalls to market and sell their products to the rest of the school. From homemade crafts to delicious treats, the variety of goods on offer was incredible. And the best part? All the profits raised will be donated to a charity of their choice, showing that our Weston Green children are not just business-savvy but also compassionate and socially conscious in the community. It was truly inspiring to see Year 6 in action, demonstrating creativity, teamwork, and confidence every step of the way.
This has been more than just a lesson in business; t’s a celebration of their potential and a testament to what they can achieve when given the opportunity to shine. Congratulations to all our young entrepreneurs! We’re very proud of you all. Keep dreaming big and making a difference in the world!
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