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Shree Ghanapathy Temple visit

Posted: 6th June 2024

This week at Weston Green School, Year 4 children visited the Shree Ghanapathy Temple in Wimbledon for an enriching cultural experience. The visit offered a unique insight into Hindu traditions and practices, beginning with the observation of the 10am Pooja (prayer) and the 11.20am Abishekham (a bathing ritual). These ceremonies enabled the children to witness the spiritual and ritualistic aspects of Hindu worship, enhancing their understanding of the religion’s practices.

When we arrived, the children were introduced to temple etiquette, learning the importance of removing shoes and washing hands before entering the sacred space. This practice is a sign of respect and cleanliness, which is crucial in Hindu worship. They then explored the temple’s intricate architecture and diverse deities, appreciating the artistry and symbolism in each statue and structure. The visit included an informative session about Hinduism in the Sai Mandir, where students engaged in a detailed exploration of the deities and their significance, understanding the stories and attributes associated with each god and goddess.

We are very proud of the way our children behaved throughout the visit, showing great respect and curiosity. The educational trip not only provided the children with a deeper understanding of Hindu religious practices but also fostered a sense of respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. The experience was both enlightening and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression on our children.  They now have a broader perspective on religious practices and a greater appreciation for the rich cultural tapestry that exists within our community.

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