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Endeavour Scheme

What is the Endeavour programme?

The Weston Green School Endeavour scheme is a co-curricular, progressive award programme that celebrates pupils’ achievements both in and out of school. It helps our children realise their abilities, explore new interests and develop their passions. It also builds aspects of character and adds skills and aptitudes that benefit a child’s learning development.

The well established scheme has been in place at Weston Green School for 7 years, and it was designed as a prep school version of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. 

It has four levels: Vibranium, Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Each level has five categories: Community, Active, Creative, Exploration and Final Project.

The scheme encourages children to challenge themselves, to work independently and collaboratively, and to reflect on their learning and growth. It also recognises pupils’ achievements and rewards them with certificates and badges which are awarded in whole school assemblies at the end of term.

What are the benefits of participating in the Weston Green School Endeavour scheme?

In addition to the enriching scheme being a great way for children to develop their character, skills and interests, it also helps them to:

  • boost their confidence and self-esteem
  • improve their academic performance and motivation
  • enhance their social and emotional well-being
  • broaden their horizons and opportunities
  • make a positive difference in their community and the world
  • talk about their participation in a broad range of activities in senior school interviews

The Weston Green School Endeavour scheme is also recognised and valued by senior schools. It shows that our children are well-rounded, ambitious and responsible individuals who have achieved something remarkable.

How does the Weston Green School Endeavour scheme work?

The Weston Green School Endeavour scheme is divided into two stages: Lower Prep (Year 3) and Upper Prep (Years 4, 5 and 6).

Lower Prep

In Lower Prep, children embark on the Vibranium level of the scheme and try to complete it during the year. They need to complete activities in each of the five categories:

  • Community: Children should help others or improve their environment, such as volunteering, fundraising or recycling.
  • Active: Involves improving their physical health or fitness, such as playing a sport, dancing or cycling.
  • Creative: Children need to do something that expresses their creativity or imagination, such as drawing, writing or making something.
  • Exploration: This involves discovering or learning something new, such as visiting a museum, reading a book or doing an experiment.
  • Final Project: Children need to deliver something special that showcases their skills or talents, such as performing a song, giving a presentation or creating a portfolio.

Upper Prep

In Upper Prep, children move on to the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the scheme, trying to complete one each year. They need to complete activities in each of the five categories, but now they will need to do more and work harder to get each award.

Children can work at home and at school on activities that will help them achieve their award. They can choose activities that interest them or try something new. They can also use activities that they are already doing as part of their curriculum or clubs.

Children’s achievements are recorded on sheets in their own folder, which stays with them through their school journey. In these folders they should provide evidence of their activities, such as photos, certificates or other supporting material. Each activity must be signed off by a relevant adult, such as a teacher, coach or parent.

The final project is something really special; it demonstrates their personal growth and showcases their skills or talents. For example, they could organise an event, create a product or lead a campaign.

Further information:

For more details please email marketing@westongreenschool.org.uk