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School Developments

School Progress Plan

2023-2024 Priorities

Our School Progress Plan outlines three main areas of focus for the current academic year. The plan has been formed as a result of a review of the school’s provision, incorporating the latest feedback from pupils, parents and staff, combined with the insight gained from our ongoing monitoring of teaching, learning and assessment. The three key areas of focus are outlined below:

Inspiring Learning

To further develop our pedagogy and provision with a focus on reading and maths, to ensure a thorough and creative preparation for 11+ and beyond.

Curiosity, Understanding and Independence

To maximise the opportunities for aspirational learning and challenge for every child through effective marking, feedback and dialogue around learning.

Extending Our Values and Ethos

Embedding the Weston Green values and ethos into all areas of the school as our provision extends across the calendar year and into Pre Prep.