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Pupils Work in Prep

The children in KS1 are so engaged with our different themes and love developing and applying their skills across the curriculum. Look at how much progress they make across a year!

Upper Prep (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)


Upper Prep covers Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 of primary education. Upper Prep pupils progress from the Lower Prep curriculum to the second stage of a child’s primary education to engage in a more formalised academic style of teaching and learning and they begin to explore subjects in greater depth, following a balanced thematic curriculum which is now embedded across the school. Learning in this way enables children to remain engaged and motivated, make clear links between subjects and to apply a range of skills across all areas of the curriculum. 

Throughout the school the children work towards building our learning profile skills: creativity, resilience, risk taking, team work, independence and reflection. We are passionate about helping our children develop and build on these vital skills.

In Lower Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and 4) the children are taught in mixed ability groups. Offering smaller sized classes allows us to set high expectations as well as fully supporting them to reach their potential through our carefully planned thematic curriculum and differentiated lessons. 

In Upper Key Stage 2 ( Years 5 and 6) the children are set by ability for English and maths to enable more effective and efficient teaching by narrowing the range of pupil attainment in a class. 

The children in Upper Prep focus on the following themes:

Year 3

Autumn Term: Amazing Ancients

Spring Term: Magic, Mystery and Mayhem

Summer Term:  The Great Outdoors

Year 4

Autumn Term: Invasion of the Isles

Spring Term: Home and Away

Summer Term:  Empire Building

Year 5

Autumn Term: Law and Disorder

Spring Term: Victorious

Summer Term:  Epic Journeys

Year 6

Autumn Term: In the Wars

Spring Term: Innovation

Summer Term:  Our Changing World


The transitions from Lower Prep to Upper Prep are carefully planned and we ensure that there is a well developed transition procedure in place. 


Pupil’s Work

The children in KS2 are so engaged with our different themes; they thoroughly enjoy knowledge acquisition and application of their skills across the curriculum. 

Year 3 An example writing about 

LUKE add pic

Year 4 An example writing about 

LUKE add pic

Year 5 An example writing about 

Year 6 An example writing about 

Year 1 example about past and present in our topic Beside The Sea

Year 1 An example of fact finding in our topic Turrets and Tiaras

Year 2 Examples of chalk stars from our topic One Small Step

Year 2 An example of African rhyming poetry from our topic What a Wonderful World!

A sample of work from Key Stage 2

Year 6: Creative Writing

Year 6 have enjoyed looking at the wordless book “Journey” by Aaron Becker. Looking at each page in turn, the children have been using their imaginations to create their own narratives and character descriptions to accompany the pictures.

Watch a short video of some of our Year 6 pupils sharing their creative writing:

Year 3: Harry Potter News Articles

Year 3 have enjoyed writing their own newspaper articles, based on Harry Potter.

Year 4: Comparing Countries

In Year 4 we have been looking at different countries around the world and how they compare to ours. All of the children had to talk about and research England and could choose where else in the world they wanted to research. Some children chose their holiday destinations, or where they used to live or just somewhere that they liked the sound of.

The children created a list of criteria to think about when comparing similarities and differences, such as: currency, laws, languages, cuisine, leaders, occupations and fashion.

After we had chosen our two or three countries, we had to make predictions about answers to all of our criteria to see what we already knew, or thought we could make an educated guess about.

Finally, Year 4 completed research in class and at home using an atlas, iPad or laptop and created some incredible PowerPoint presentations. View some slides from their presentations, below:

View Pupils’ Work from Early Years