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Pupil Voice

Our pupils are the most important members of our school community.

Further to the ongoing conversations we have with the pupils about their experience at school, we have developed an online survey to enable us to capture genuine pupil views. Pupils in Reception to Year 6 recently completed the survey. This initiative will be repeated on a regular basis and the findings will be incorporated into our school development planning to ensure we continue to be effective in meeting the needs of those most important to us.

Pleasingly, the survey results highlight pupils’ enjoyment at school, the high standard of teaching and the progress made in the classroom.  Pupils believe the school offers a friendly environment in which all children get along and there is somebody they can talk to if they have a worry. Pupils feel well supported by their teachers, they find their lessons interesting and are encouraged to work hard and try their best.

We received particularly strong results in the following areas:

Pupils were also given an opportunity to offer suggestions for how the school could be improved. The most common suggestions were as follows:

More play equipment for break times
A buddy bench
The results have been shared informally with the pupils and our School Council have successfully introduced a buddy bench in the school playground.