Inspiring Individuals, Nurturing Potential, Successful Futures
Inspiring Individuals, Nurturing Potential, Successful Futures
Inspiring Individuals, Nurturing Potential, Successful Futures
Inspiring Individuals, Nurturing Potential, Successful Futures
Inspiring Individuals, Nurturing Potential, Successful Futures

Welcome to Our School

As you step through the doors of our wonderful school we hope that you at once feel a part of our community. This is a special place where children thrive within wonderful surroundings, grow to become independent and confident young people, achieve exceptionally well and most of all enjoy their experiences through the immense joy and wonder of learning.

Weston Green Journey

What’s Happening

POSTED : Mon 15 Apr 2024

Primary School Offer Day Guide

School offer day can go one of two ways; filled with joy and excitement because your child will begin their...

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POSTED : Mon 08 Apr 2024

Ensuring a Smooth Transition from Pre Prep to Reception

Embarking on their educational path with Reception is a significant step in a child’s development. At Weston Green School, we...

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POSTED : Fri 22 Mar 2024

The Big Questions

Welcome to The Big Questions, one of our new initiatives for this year, exploring ordinary and puzzling concepts through a critical...

The Big Questions - Weston Green


“Weston Green is the perfect combination of a warm, family school where children feel valued, secure and known, and an ambitious school that encourages the children to aim high, take risks and find their passion. My children have flourished at Weston Green and left with the knowledge and confidence that they could achieve whatever they set out to do. Academically rigorous but incredibly friendly and warm, We’re so grateful to everyone there.”


“Support for the 11+ exams, the interesting and engaging way the curriculum is taught and challenging the children to think beyond the subject being taught. Support for the child’s personal development and encouragement to be the best version of themselves”


“Have been impressed with every area of the school, from the quality of teaching to the time taken to understand the kids. Gets to know their strengths and weaknesses and help them develop personally and academically. Really like the focus on sport, music, drama and the range of clubs, supplementing academic achievement and discovery”


“Knowing each child on an individual basis so that the teaching is appropriately targeted and each child is made to feel celebrated.”


The most amazing school with such a high calibre of teacher.  Our children are thriving and enjoy it so much, so a big thank you

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Our Values

Our Learner Profiles

I am Creative
  • I use my imagination to create new ideas
  • I problem solve
  • I am interested in what’s going on around me
  • I am prepared to try something different
  • I present work in different ways
I am a Team Player
  • I talk and discuss
  • I listen
  • I share
  • I take turns
  • I help
I Stick at Things
  • I keep on trying and I don’t give up
  • I concentrate
  • I meet challenges
  • I overcome problems
  • I practice
  • I show enthusiasm
  • I display a positive attitude
I am Independent
  • I plan ahead
  • I can find my own information
  • I use different resources
  • I can work by myself
  • I ask different kinds of questions, including ‘what if…’
I Take Risks
  • I have a go
  • I try out new ideas
  • I am not afraid to try something new
  • I ask and answer questions
  • I am willing to change my mind
  • I understand that mistakes are part of learning
I Think About Things
  • I think about what I am doing
  • I learn from my mistakes
  • I listen to advice
  • I know what to do when I am stuck
  • I recognise my learning strengths
Weston Green School - Limited Places Available

Did National Offer Day bring you the school place you hoped for? If not, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our nurturing prep school welcomes children aged 2-11, with limited spaces available. Reach out to Mrs. Ranger at 020 8398 2778 to learn more about how we can support you.


Contact us for more information here