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Mill on the Brue residential trip

Posted: 15th June 2022

With the glorious sun shining for most of the week during the UKS2 residential, the children were full of beans and had an amazing time taking part in different activities each day. They demonstrated their learner profile skills throughout the week and displayed the WGS values each day. All the children had so much fun and even some teachers participated in the activities!  Check out what the children thought …

“At Mill on the Brue I enjoyed so many activities. Some of my favourite activities were flying down the zipline, going through dark tunnels on all fours and making a raft and going on the river with it (if it didn’t sink)! During the rafting some people from my group fell in and because I was laughing so much I fell in too! I will always remember my brilliant time with all the year six and fives at Mill on the Brue”.

Kiara Duffy

“I really enjoyed our Mill on the Brue because I tried so many things that I had never done before, and I felt very proud once I had completed them. Experiencing these memories with friends was incredible and I am so glad that we got to enjoy such a varied selection of activities”.

Arabella Burns

“On the coach trip to Mill On The Brue, I sat next to Owen; we played Top Trumps. I felt excited because I like long journeys and I liked card games”

Toby Batchelor


“I enjoyed canoeing because Mr Trueman was with me which meant that I had an advantage in the games that we played”.


Axe throwing

“I remember being scared of the axe throwing but after a few tries I got the hang of it; although I didn’t hit the target!”


Zip Wire

“When I went on the zip I saw a really nice view because you were really high”.


“The zip wire was the longest I’ve ever been on which was cool and as it was quite a hot day so the breeze cooled me down”.



“We had to go around using a map and find certain stamps to get the specific number we were looking for completed”.


Climbing tower

“I liked the climbing tower because it was so great going to the top. Personally I like climbing because I am quite good at it” .


Rifle Shooting

“We had to shoot your aim on a paper with a Rifle”.

Melissa Dadashian

“I very much enjoyed rifle shooting as I found loading and firing a gun a lot of fun indeed as I am very much into my war/history”.



I found the raft building a lot of fun as we were all racing to build and get in the water. When people fell in, they splashed me and my other team mates, so I got soaked too!

Oliver Moore

I enjoyed rafting because I liked paddling and I got wet which was good because it was very hot.

Andre Fertray

Crate stacking

Crate stacking was fun as we got very high and we were allowed to jump off (with harness).

Panos Kouligkas

I loved the crate stack as it showed lots of collaboration and communication with your partner!

Jamie Evers


I found tunnelling fun because you didn’t know where you were and it was very dark!

With your friends.

Finn Calder

Grass tobogganing

I really enjoyed the grass toboggans because, even though it was very painful, when you’re at the top it is very slow as you go down but as you get closer to the bottom you are super fast like an aeroplane.

Freya Lawson

Spider’s web

The Spider’s web was really fun because there were small gaps that you had to try  to get through. If you touched the web your whole group had to start over by going to the other side of the web. Some of the holes we had to lift a person through.

Owen Hunt

Assault course

In my opinion, the assault course was the best activity for many reasons. The climbing wall at the end of the track because it required lots of teamwork and trust in each other to scale the wall and not drop each other; it was also very  rewarding to make it to the top.

Leo Whitfield


I really enjoyed tangrams because it was brain twisting but really fun to do with a partner trying to figure out where each shape should go. The best part was at the end when we got to use massive slate pieces to create a massive cockerel!

Rafe Chambers

Night line

I found the night line really fun because we couldn’t see and had to do a tricky obstacle course. I was at the front which made it extra scary as no one was telling me what was ahead but I had to tell the person behind me; the course was complicated as we were blindfolded.

Orla Mortimer


I really liked having dinner because we got to taste new flavours and also try new foods. I also liked it because the lunch ladies were nice and it was a time where you got to chat with your friends. The food was really nice!

Jack Kenny


“We woke up on the last day of the residential trip. We packed our bags and made sure that we left nothing. We stripped our beds, ate breakfast, got our bags and walked to the coach. On the way back I was tired from all the amazing activities. It was a wonderful end to our amazing trip”.

Dmitriy Sukhorukov

Alice Dunn

“I really enjoyed the activities which used harnesses as there were so many different jobs like pulling the rope or stacking the crates that everyone in the group could get involved!”

Aoife Barnes

“I really enjoyed the dorms because we were able to talk and play games as well as help each other organize the room inspections every morning!”

Evie Gardner

“I really enjoyed using teamwork in our groups when we were doing many of the fun challenges, I also enjoyed talking and playing with the people in my dorm in dorm time”.

Ethan Wing

“On the residential, I really enjoyed the zipline and the dorms were really good and controlled so it was easy to go to sleep”.

Ophelia Reynolds

“I enjoyed the dorm and the day time activities because we all worked well as a team and had fun all at the time with our friends”.

Jemima Summers

“I Really enjoyed the crate stack especially when we got to knock it down and the desserts were really nice”.

Elliot Grimes

“I really enjoyed the activities, especially the zipline as it was a great experience and canoeing was really fun.”

Oliver Paget

“I really enjoyed the zipline and the axe throwing, because I was afraid of heights before I did the zipline and the axe throwing helps take out anger and stress”.

Pardanyi Emily 9:46 AM

“I enjoyed the time in the dorms eva was sooo hilarious and we had so much fun!”

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