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Thames Young Mariners

Posted: 21st September 2022

Last Wednesday, with great excitement, we departed for the THAMES YOUNG MARINERS (TYM) for 3 days of fun and challenging activities.

We arrived and were met by our experienced instructors Linda, Fin and Alfie.
First up: The challenge Course. This was a team building exercise with lots of activities that could only be performed successfully with cooperation, thought and teamwork. Needless to say, the children absolutely “smashed” these activities.
The afternoon consisted of kayaking and a tour of the lake.
We stayed in the Lakeside Village in teepees, which were warm and snug.

Day 2 arrived quickly and after a lovely cooked breakfast it was on to the paddle boards. We soon worked out that it was much more fun to fall off ours and then swim to other paddle boards and hijack them! Soon after, it was time for the dock jump and a bit of extra swimming and floating about.
We got soaked but had a whole tonne of fun.
A sandwich lunch was followed by raft building and a raft race, where the children worked together to build rafts and then paddle the rafts around the lake.
Our second evening was busy! Shmoors, midnight walks and Mr Morgan’s disco! The children were shattered after a long day and they slept well on Thursday night.

Friday came around too quickly and it was packdown time.
Pants and socks were reunited with their owners, jumpers and shirts found new homes in different bags and we all struggled to get our sleeping bags into the bags that had mysteriously shrunk over the previous 2 days.
The children had another hearty breakfast and it was on to “Woodland Skills”, with campfires, den building and popcorn.
The 3 days really whizzed by and we all had fantastic enriching experience.

We’d like to thank Mr Morgan and Mrs Daniel for accompanying us on the trip.

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