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Titanic workshop

Posted: 25th January 2023

Year 1 took part in a history workshop travelling back to April 14th 1912 where they learned about the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic and how tragedy struck this ship. Through role-play, children stept aboard and imagined what it was like to journey as passengers from first, second and third class, exploring the ship’s magnificent interior, meeting the Captain and becoming the crew.

Year 1 had a fantastic afternoon learning about the Titanic and it has provided them with a wealth of knowledge that they can carry forward to support the rest of their learning. The children will be using their new knowledge to create their own non-fiction books about the Titanic. In their upcoming English lessons they will focus on the features of a non-fiction text such as a contents page, glossary and a blurb. They will then create their own non-fiction book with information about the build of the ship, the facilities on board and the tragedy that eventually followed.

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