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Trip to Brooklands – Year 6

Posted: 2nd February 2023

Year 6 is studying innovation and exploration this term and what better way to extend their learning than a trip to Brooklands Museum, home to several important innovations and inventions in the world of travel. The students were treated to a tour of the Aviation Innovation museum, looking at the dramatic change in engineering and design over the last hundred years, and were able to see first hand, the steps involved in the process of designing and building aircraft. We also went aboard Concorde to explore this incredible example of technical innovation.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was when the children became engineers themselves, and had to design a downhill racing car competing with each other to create the furthest travelling, free-wheeling car. It really was a truly fabulous day, made even more special by all the wonderful volunteers and experts at Brooklands who gave us their time and knowledge so freely. Here’s to the next generation of engineers and inventors!

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