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ISA Essay Competition

Posted: 10th April 2023

The ISA Essay Competition is an annual opportunity for pupils at ISA Members’ schools to showcase their writing skills. Wordsmiths are invited to submit entries and these are two entries written by two pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 at Weston Green School.

Running from catastrophe and certain death!

After what seemed like years of travelling, we had finally arrived at our new, weird, ancient cottage. My stomach lurched after my father slammed on the brakes. With the feeling of not being welcomed, I cautiously opened the car door and stepped out into the rays of the golden sun. As my mum and dad unpacked, I went sprinting round our new luscious, green, beautiful garden. I noticed there was a lonely swing rocking in the misty air. Apart from that strange, mysterious looking swing, the garden was very empty. With no warning, there was a sudden chill in the air and I shivered, cold and I felt a tiny bit scared. I heard my parents call me so I ran to come and help them unpack all our belongings. Once we had brought all the heavy boxes inside our old, creepy, new house, we all sat down in the small but cosy living room. My parents said I could look around and try to find what would be my new bedroom.

As quick as a cheetah, I was upstairs in an instant and I had just found my bedroom and was going to put my things in it, when I heard a scream! I bolted downstairs to find my mother lying on the floor, covered in thick, sticky blood! My father had come back from making a warm cup of tea and he saw what had happened. “What in the name of-”He started saying but was cut off when he saw on the window (written in blood), a dreaded sign saying , GET OUT! LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN! I let out an ear-piercing scream “ARGH!” We both fell silent. We heard a creak… and another one and suddenly a silver-tipped bullet flew at the speed of light and hit my father with a smash! He staggered for a second and he also found himself on the floor just like my very unfortunate mother. I headed straight for the door when a shady, ghostly creature emerged from the shadows and (with teeth-baring) came at me with a bloody smile. My reactions kicked in immediately. I ducked, narrowly missing the spine-chilling beast. He came at me again and headed for the door blocking my only means of escape. I ran at warp-speed and grabbed my mum’s phone and hid in a closet. I quickly dialled 999 and asked for the police and told them my location.

Suddenly, I heard the creature’s footsteps stomping on the cold, hard floor. Three hours later the ghoul was still patrolling the area . I peeked out the door as quietly as I could and saw for the first time what IT looked like! It was wearing a long black cloak that was dragging along the floor; his murderous smile could traumatise you on the spot. His eyes were also blood-shot red. As quick as a flash, I sprinted out of the room and headed for the door; I was beaten by a long margin by the thing as it bared its teeth at me and I once again let out an ear-piercing scream. Suddenly, a noise behind me stopped me in my tracks as one of the police officers opened fire on this awful beast but to no avail. It just grew stronger and the police officer found himself running for his life as the beast chased him. This was my wondrous chance!

I ran to the open door and I found myself staring into heaven as sunlight shone vibrantly through the verdant green trees. I could hear the moans of the ghost behind me. I turned around slowly and just before it was going to touch me, the powerful sun’s rays incinerated the ghoul and all that remained of it was a pile of black oozy slime. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. CRACK! A branch broke in the forest… This time I didn’t take any chances and I ran as far away as possible!

Written by Roshi, Weston Green School – Horsey category (Y5-6)

Signed: Mrs A Hansraj Year 5 Class Teacher, Head of UKS2 PSHE Lead, Director of Studies

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *.* *. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Feasting society

When moving house, I’d explore even the darkest corners but my 3rd and final move was into a house like no other. My parents never told me what job they did but I thought they were secret agents because we have had to move around a lot for their job. The house was 71 Pinafore Road and it looked like a witch had lived in it. There was : leans in the walls, cobwebs everywhere, dark matting and even strange jars in the pantry. I looked around the shadowy mess and found one room like no other. It had a small four-poster bed with an old, mahogany desk and bright coloured cushions everywhere. This was my room !

That night, I was excited to sleep in my new room but also nervous because it did look like a spooky house. I went to the bathroom ( I had an en-suite ) in the middle of the darkest part of the night – the witching hour. Shadows danced around the room like it was a ball and bats fluttered and twirled on my windowpane. The short trek to the safety of the bathroom seemed like a marathon. When I finally arrived, I tripped over a small stone object. OW!! The stone suddenly began to glow and a huge, metal door appeared in front of me. The stone rose like a ghoul and slotted itself into the gateway to doom.

Behind the door was a huge feast of every food you could imagine. There was : jam tarts, jellies, pie, pizza, ice cream, fairy cakes and more. I ran to the feast and sat down but I was blocked by a large ogre . He declared that I must complete a challenge to sit at the table and become a member.

I accepted the offer and asked the ogre what the challenge was. He told me I needed to walk through the Tunnel of Terror . I stepped forward and entered. It was like I was inside the stomach of a dragon . Red mist and fiery liquid splashed around. Huge spiders crawled everywhere and bats squeaked overhead. Skeletons moaned and slouched. I couldn’t breath – I was so petrified.

I eventually managed to reach the end and the ogre congratulated me. I was a member of the feasting society !

Orla, Weston Green School – Horsey category (Y5-6)

Signed: Mrs A Hansraj, Year 5 Class Teacher, Head of UKS2, PSHE Lead, Director of Studie

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