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Entrepreneurial Skills

Posted: 22nd May 2023

As part of the LifeLab Business scheme, Year 6 were introduced to the world of business and enterprise enabling them to grow their work skills and financial capability. The class were asked to create a successful mini business and provided with a loan of upto £40.

4 groups were selected based on their transferable skills (rather than friendship groups) and they were each challenged to come up with a product they could create themselves and produce in bulk (to cater for the rest of the children in the school who could come and buy the products from their stalls).
Throughout the 8 week period, the groups were tasked with developing a brand complete with a business name and logo. They then had to consider how they would market the brand using video and posters and design their stall to sell the product. Throughout the project, the children had to consider financial aspects including budgeting and cost analysis. Teamwork and leadership were fundamental skills with jobs being assigned to relevant team members, and being able to work together and make decisions.

The enterprise culminated in an engaging presentation on Monday 22nd May to entrepreneurial judges; Jackson Creaghan of Jackson Fit UK, Joss Dickson from Evie Loves Toast, Annie Emmerson, Super League Triathlon Reporter, and Mrs Evans our Head Teacher, as well as parents and staff. The judges expressed how impressed they were by the high calibre of each of the pitches.

We are incredibly proud of the whole class who each rose to the challenge to develop some ingenious products, creative ways to sell them and showed confidence in presenting their ideas. All the profits raised will go to a charity of their choice.

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