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A Philosophical Approach

Posted: 26th September 2023

The Philosophy Man

Taking a philosophical approach and debating the big questions within our broad, thematic curriculum is just one way in which Weston Green School strives to “Make The Difference.” We were delighted to welcome The Philosophy Man team for a day of philosophy and thinking skills.

The Philosophy Man is the UK’s leading independent provider of P4C (Philosophy for Children) training and workshops. Today, the Philosophy Man team visited each class and facilitated engaging and stimulating philosophical discussions on topics such as friendship, fairness, identity and happiness. The children were encouraged to ask big questions, share their opinions, listen to different perspectives and reason critically.

P4C is a powerful approach to teaching and learning that develops children’s critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills. It also fosters a culture of curiosity, respect and dialogue in the classroom. This will help our school embed P4C in our curriculum. 

Staff Workshop

Later in the afternoon, The Philosophy Man ran a workshop with the staff, sharing their expertise and practical tips on how to implement P4C within our school. This approach will enable staff to become equipped to challenge the minds of our children and encourage them to think for themselves and speak out. Our teachers also learned how to tailor the lessons to build on thinking skills and link them to the broader thematic curriculum.

The Weston Green team were very excited to grow their skill base through this excellent opportunity to learn from The Philosophy Man, and to enhance the children’s thinking ability and well-being. 

Philosophy Matters Everywhere

We hope that parents will join us in supporting this initiative and encourage their children to share their thoughts and big questions with them at home.


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