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ZooLab Brings Science to Life

Posted: 15th November 2023

On Monday 13th November, our Year 1 and 2 children had a special visit from ZooLab, a company that provides animal handling workshops for schools. The visit was part of their science curriculum, where they are learning about different types of animals and how to classify them.

Fun Facts

In a workshop called  ‘Caring for Living Things, ‘ all the children had the opportunity to see and touch a variety of animals, including a corn snake, an African snail, a cockroach, a millipede, a frog, and a tarantula. They learned about the characteristics and behaviours of these animals, and how to distinguish between vertebrates and invertebrates. They also discovered some amazing facts – did you know that African snails have 10,000 teeth on their tongues and that frogs eat with their tongue and eyes?

The children showed great curiosity and enthusiasm during the workshop, and asked many interesting questions. They also showed respect and care for the animals, and followed the safety instructions given.

We would like to thank ZooLab for providing this wonderful learning experience.

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